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Still Not a Marlin Applesauce: Wait, let me check, Nope, Still not a Marlin

Someone who is not Jose Reyes.  (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)
Someone who is not Jose Reyes. (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Despite Buster Olney jumping on the Reyes to Marlins bandwagon, there has still been no official word out of Miami announcing his impending signing. They are probably all too busy going to white parties to draft a press release. And now it looks like if they do sign him, one Hanley Ramirez won't be too happy about it. And Sandy Alderson thinks it is going to take a while for Reyes to make a decision. Is that good for the Mets? Bad for the Mets? I don't know. All I know is that is all the Reyes news I am reporting on for the week.

In other future former Mets news, RHP Taylor Buchholz is expected to declare free agency, as are Jason Pridie, and some guy named Nick Evans, whoever that is. All three were outrighted off the 40 man to make room for the bevy of prospects the Mets are going to have to protect before December's Rule 5 draft. Chris Capuano will also likely be playing elsewhere next year as he has priced himself out of the Mets range in both years and dollars.  As for Evans, I will be having a bowl of Nick Evans' Rocky Road to the Majors in memoriam. If I can find it.

Some agent thinks that his client is totally a good fit for a team? Really? Well, I believe him. Come on, Adam, is Kinzer a friend of yours? At least Heyman pretends like Boras isn't the source for all his free agent news.

Binghamton's owners have quashed rumors that the Mets AA team will be headed to Ottawa after their contract expires, but the AAA Mets may be looking for a new home as Buffalo is grumbling again. Look, I know we have different interests, re: the AAA Mets, Buffalo, but I don't care to see Buddy Bell and Luis Hernandez just so you can win 75 games. Sorry. Though if they end up in the PCL again, those 2012 Mets Daily Farm System Reports may be incoherent, as I will be finishing them at 3 AM.

Toby Hyde reports that Jefry Marte has hurt himself in the AFL, which is too bad, as he has looked good there. He also updates us on 'professional hitter' Juan Lagares.

Awards season kicked off yesterday with the Rookie of the Year voting. Craig Kimbrel and Jeremy Hellickson took home their respective league hardware. ERA and Winz, baby! I don't get worked up over the RoY voting, but I bet Hellickson pitches better next year and still has the dreaded 'sophomore slump' when his ERA balloons into the high 3s. At least Mark Trumbo didn't win it? Meh, whatever. It went to a guy with a lot of saves and a guy with a lot of wins. Same as it ever was. Jeff Sullivan defends the Hellickson selection, but it really just comes down to whether or not you think DIPS theory is descriptive, predictive, or toal bupkus.

Matt Kemp may not win the MVP, but he will get 160 freaking million dollars. So he's got that going for him. Which is nice. This contract probably won't look as bad as the Vernon Wells deal, but I have a feeling it won't be pretty near the end either. Eno agrees with me, and even gives you the math that I am too lazy to do. Still, that's only the second craziest contract the Dodgers handed out yesterday.

The GMs and Owners will meet this week to agree to the new CBA and approve the sale of the Astros to Jim Crane's ownership group. Well, he can't be worse than Drayton McLane. Oh, nevermind, of course he can.