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This Week In SNY Year In Review: Player Shenanigans

Welcome to the Amazin' Avenue equivalent of a sitcom clip show. This Week In SNY is back for its year-end review. There will be several parts to the series, with each featuring our favorite 2011 SNY moments. Gary, Keith, Ron, Ralph and Kevin(!)'s highlights will be remembered. For the first installment, we'll look at some player hijinks. On with the TWISNY!

Friday, April 22nd

SNY captured a giddy Pedro Beato on the first day of school:


Hopefully Beato's Barbie backpack doesn't meet the same fate as "Stanley the bullpen toolbox".

Saturday, April 23rd

Daniel Murphy's thumb-sucking problem: exposed!


"No, sir, I do not bite my thumb at you, sir, but I bite my thumb, sir!"

Thursday, May 5th

Does anyone know what the hell Ike Davis was doing on this attempted takeout slide? He's a good eight or nine feet from the bag:


Saturday, May 28th

Here is a GIF of the infamous Mike Pelfrey balk, via SB Nation:


We learned that Jason Bay prefers the bowl haircut and would be a weatherman if he didn't play baseball:


To that we say -- follow your dreams Jason! It's never too late. There's a Sam Champion resemblance there.

Monday, May 30th

Forgive us for watching the Yankees -- the Mets recently endured a home run drought and we needed a power fix. That, and David Cone is a cool announcer. Here is a bonus moment from the YES Network this week. Bartolo Colon was caught in the act and Cone made a funny:


David Cone: "The Yanks picked a winner when they picked him up in the offseason."

Tuesday, May 31st

One of Dale Thayer's warmup pitches got away from him. Umpire watch out!


Gary Cohen: "Here's how not to win friends and influence people."

Sunday, June 5th

If this is Darryl Strawberry's entourage these days, something tells us his wild times are a thing of the past:


Thursday, June 9th

Daniel Murphy, out by an eyelash! (the catcher already has the ball here):


Wednesday, June 15th

We've defended Angel Pagan in the past for his supposed baserunning deficiencies but this play didn't help his cause. Here he is failing to slide on a stolen base attempt -- he was out on the play:


But a few days later, Pagan slid into home despite a lack of a play at the plate:


Notice Lucas Duda with the very large "stay up" signal. The mixed up baserunning of Angel E. Pagan.

Friday, July 1st

A balloon ran onto the field, briefly interrupting play of the game:


Nick Swisher bravely apprehended the balloon, ending the uprising:


Friday, July 8th

This image is why TWISNY exists:


Tim Byrdak photobombed the Dick-Burk interview:


Friday, July 15th

Here is Carlos Beltran in the dugout with a nail file, doing nothing to quash the vocal minority sentiments that he is a soft pretty boy:


Was he really felled with the flu that weekend? Or was it the disappointment of a poor manicure that kept him off the field?

Tuesday, August 9th

SNY's approach to subliminal messages is, well, not so subliminal. Check out Scott Hairston's OB-what?


Urge to watch "Daily News Live" and "LoudMouths" -- rising. Must... read... Metsblog. Give us more Gary Apple and Kirk Gimenez. (Hat tip to intrepid AA'er Jsz for bringing this gem to our attention)

Tuesday, August 16th

Kevin Burkhardt presented one of the more awkward segments of the season, a visit with rehabbing Chris Young:


Young barely pitched for the Mets this season, almost certainly won't be back in 2012, is about eleven feet tall and appeared to be rehabbing in a rooftop night club cabana. Awkward. Ron Darling chimed in with some stories about his own rehab efforts during his playing days so we suppose the segment did have some value. Anyway, here is another odd shot of Young's rehab:


Thank you sir, may I have another?

Tuesday, September 6th

Mike Baxter pinch-hit late in the game and SNY correctly identified Whitestone's Own:


The same cannot be said for the Sun Life Stadium jumbotron operator:


Blaine Boyer. There's a name we haven't heard in a while. It feels like he pitched for the Mets four years ago and yet it was just this past April. "Baxter, Boyer, [yawn] no one is watching this game anyway just put up the old stock graphic of #23."

Sunday, September 11th

This is one of the best images of the season:


Monday, September 26th

Tim Byrdak had a rough night against the Reds and sat in the dugout afterwards with only his thoughts:



Stay tuned for This Week In SNY Year In Review: Gary, Keith & Ron next week.