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Friday Morning CBA Applesauce

For the first time in a while, we'll start the day off with news that doesn't pertain specifically to the NY Mets. MLB and the MLBPA managed to avoid the NBA's "nuclear winter" situation and agree to a new CBA which will ensure uninterrupted baseball for the next 5 seasons. While the deal will be officially announced on Monday so we can dissect the specifics then, we do know that several changes will be coming for sure. The Astros will be moving to the AL and in doing so actually increasing the quality of competition in the NL Central.

It looks like the Wilpons are making significant progress in their sales of minor stakes of the team. According to some reports, the Mets have now raised about 140 million dollars. I suppose this is good news for the near future, but I can't help but wish the previous deal had not collapsed that may have eventually rid the Mets of the Wilpons.

The Mets have made a few moves that should help keep the folks in Buffalo happy. Wally Backman was named the manager, so now there will be a sentimental tie to the '86 Mets. They also resigned Val Pascucci on a minor league deal.

The GM Meeting typically name huge numbers of players whose teams are shopping them, and this year seems to be no different despite the initial absence of a CBA. Word out of Milwaukee yesterday was that Daniel Murphy was available, although no details of what the Mets were seeking seem to have leaked out. I'd be surprised if Murphy was moved prior to resolution on the Reyes situation, but you never know.

Rumblings also started yesterday that the club may be interested in bringing back fan favorite Endy Chavez. While I don't know if this would really soften the blow if Reyes leaves, I'd certainly rather watch Endy come up to the plate from time to time than "Met killer" Willie Harris.

Ike Davis says his ankle has been quite good for some time now and that he's likely to begin training for the season earlier than he usually does due to the extended layoff. The MSM everywhere should be smiling, as Davis has clearly opened the door for the first ITBSOHL piece of the season.

FanGraphs took a little look at Heath Bell and park effects. This would probably be more relevent if the Mets hadn't changed the dimensions of Citifield, but seeing as we're involved in the closer market it's still certainly worth a read. As far as the dimension changes here go, Metsblog had a shot of the construction in Flushing.

For those of you into much deeper looks at the game, Baseball Prospectus took a look at who controls how hard the ball is hit.

Finally, congratulations to Clayton Kershaw of the Dodgers for beating out the Pillies staff for the NL Cy Young award.