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Your Sunday Offseason Applesauce: CBA Details Leaked, Kemp Deal Finalized, Zambrano Hit In Face

The Mets and Around the Majors

Toby Hyde gave his thoughts on the players the Mets protected from the Rule 5 Draft on Friday.

Doc Gooden, Rusty Staub and Ron Swoboda reminisce about Banner Day, which will be making its Citi Field debut sometime in 2012.

Over at The Apple, Randy asks if you can figure out which item from the Mets store is real and which is a fake.

The biggest story to come out on Saturday was the leak of a number of changes that will be a part of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement. MLB will start testing for HGH with a blood test during spring training, the major league minimum salary will rise up to $480,000 in 2012 and eventually to $500,000 later in the deal. Finally, there will be taxes added to the amateur draft and international free agent signings as well as changes to the free agent compensation system, which includes dropping the Elias rankings that have ranked free agents for years.

The Dodgers finalized their 8 year, $160 million contract with OF Matt Kemp. Meanwhile, the Indians are closing in on a one year contract with Grady Sizemore. And Cuban center fielder Yoenis Cespedes, despite his flashy scouting video filled with weightlifting and pig roasting, is very quiet and humble.

It's only November but Jason Heyward is already in the best shape of his life (ITBSOHL!). And it's not even Thanksgiving! Look out, Major League Baseball.

Carlos Zambrano got hit in the face with a line drive during a winter ball start and had to get stitches.

Finally, should MLB adopt a rule to limit the amount of pickoff throws per inning, in order to make games faster? This guy says no.