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Monday Morning Applesauce: Mets Could Increase Debt, Halman Killed

The Mets financial troubles have been well documented recently, so more press on them is certainly not surprising. Forbes takes a look at what the recent 140 million in investment could mean to the Mets debt situation which is currently north of 400 million dollars. I guess Bud really doesn't have too much reason to worry. The Wilpons have a plan, and their plan, well, they like their plan.

While we're on the Mets and finances, Rising Apple takes a look ahead to next winter to see what players will likely be arbitration eligible for the first time. I like the thinking in who they'd offer multi-year deals, I'm very much thinking along the same lines as they are.

Since there isn't much else in the way of Mets rumblings this morning, here's a piece entitled "The Mets may play in the Big Apple...but they have no core". I guess that's the death blow for the "traid the core" meme.

A division rival made a move yesterday, as the Philles traided for former Met Ty Wigginton. This seems to be more of a salary dump by Colorado than anything, but with Ruben Amaro you can never be too sure that the PTBNL won't be a massive overpay.

In tragic news, Mariners outfielder Greg Halman was killed in his home last night. It's always terrible to hear these kinds of stories.

BtB took a look at late bloomers, compiling a list of the best players to debut at age 28 or older.

And finally, did you ever watch a game and wonder just how sober the umpire actually was? Soccer fans in the Czech Republic were "treated" to just such an experience when a professional game was refereed by a man who was 9 times the legal limit after the game was completed. Not baseball related at all, but certainly an interesting story. I just wish there was video available.