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Turkey Flavored Applesauce

Kicking off your turkey day news, the Mets officially offered little Jose Reyes arbitration yesterday. While it's a certainty to be declined, at least this means he won't leave the Mets completely empty handed if he departs. With the new CBA changes taken into account this is probably the last time we'll have to hear about arbitration in regards to free agents.

In what is probably bad news for the Wilpons, a judge has ruled that they will still face a jury in the Madoff suit. I guess we'll see how good these lawyers they've hired are now, as a jury full of Mets fans would probably be the worst thing that could ever happen to the Wilpons.

There were some CBA rumblings yesterday, and Rising Apple took a look at how the new CBA will impact the Mets. Everybody seems to be up in arms over draft spending, so FanGraphs took a little look at how teams have spent recently. I appear to be in the minority that actually likes these changes at first glance. I really think it will be nice to see players taken based almost solely on talent as opposed to a combination of talent and contractual demands. One side effect that hasn't been mentioned is that there will likely be very few draftees who have the leverage necessary to get major league deals anymore. has the Mets minor league all-star team. Jeff will be happy to see that both Josh Satin and Darin Gorski were included.

Sorry to keep it short and sweet this morning, but I need to get back to stuffing a turkey full of bacon. Happy Thanksgiving!