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Black Friday Food Coma Applesauce

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Thanksgiving came and went without much in the way of major Mets-related news. Probably the biggest Mets story making the rounds today is an interview with former Met Lenny Dykstra which was done at a rehab clinic. It's amazing just how many players on the '86 team had absolutely no self control.  

While the CBA has brought up questions for every club, one good on I've seen posed is just how this will affect the value of David Wright. This certainly would seem to lessen the likelihood that he becomes a mid-season trade chip, so if Wright is ever to be dealt it would seem likely to be a winter transaction. I have a hard time picturing a traid this winter anyway, as he'll likely be just as valuable next season if re-signing him is not in the cards.

Adam Rubin reported on Jason Bay and Johan Santana's options yesterday. Maybe it's just me, but I don't know that this is really breaking news anymore. That information has been pretty widely discussed for years now.

FanGraphs takes a look at the union and the draft with some quotes from longtime AA favorite Jeff Francoeur. How could you go wrong with this guy representing you?

Freddy Garcia is no longer an option for the back end of the Mets rotation. Garcia re-upped with the other team in NY yesterday for a pretty significant raise.

Finally, if you need Mets items today for your Festivus shopping, has them all on sale. Black Friday shopping is just not the same without Omar Minaya to give us a shiny new toy to jersey shop for.