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Jonathan Broxton Probably Won't Sign With Mets, So Who Will?

BB Abbott, the agent for prosperous reliever Jonathan Broxton, told Mark Hale of the Post that Broxton probably wouldn't wind up in New York but could sign somewhere (else, presumably) soon. Broxton is an interesting name for a lot of folks — he was included in a number of AAOPs this year — because he's only 27 and was quite good as recently as 2010. However, the reason Broxton might have been on the Mets' radar at all is that he missed most of 2011 with a right elbow injury and had arthroscopic surgery on that elbow in September. Broxton will likely sign with a team willing to offer a make-good or incentive-driven deal for the coming season.

As for the Mets, one could reasonably ask why they would even be interested in a free agent closer since 2012 is almost certainly going to be a rebuilding year for them, either officially or otherwise. I suspect most people assume the Mets will sign someone to finish games because they can't really imagine how a bullpen can function without a Proven Closer™ in the aft slot. Personally, I'm trying to imagine which scenario would be more amusing:

  1. The Mets entering the season with Bobby Parnell as their relief ace.
  2. The Mets bringing back Francisco Rodriguez to close games again.

What, you prefer Francisco Cordero?