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Polishing Off The Leftovers Applesauce: The Cupboard Is Bare At 3B, The Astros Make A Midnight Snack Out Of Ed Wade, Murray Chass Is That Crazy Uncle You Hate

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday festivities, but it's back to baseball news now as we polish off the crumbs that have dropped before the Winter Meetings start up next week.

Toby Hyde takes a look at the Mets 3B prospects in the low minors, but it is some serious slim pickings.

ESPNNY has a new update on Gary Carter's condition. Thankfully he seems to be doing well.

If the Mets are looking for a cheap, cost-controlled starter for a reclamation project, they could probably do worse than the O's Chris Tillman. Even if he is uncomfortably similiar to Mike Pelfrey. Well, at least he is cheaper than Mike Pelfrey. And if you are a prospect maven (or for some reason an Orioles maven), John Sickels has posted the Orioles Top 20 Prospect List.

Hey, remember when the Mets fired Willie Randolph in the middle of the night and caused a big hullabaloo. Well, I guess Jim Crane wasn't paying attention to baseball then, since he fired Ed Wade and President Tal Smith in the middle of the night last night. Right before the Winter meetings, too. This bodes well.

A minor trade set twitter aflame yesterday as the Rays moved semi-useful catcher John Jaso to the Mariners for AAA reliever Josh Lueke and a PTBNL. Lueke is major league-ready and has good stuff, but if you are trying to remember where you heard Lueke's name before, it was probably here. 

The Marlins are apparently going to continue to pretend like they are going to sign every major free agent, next up, C.J. Wilson! I don't know if having him take a tour of the park is the best way to convince him to sign with you, Mr. Loria.

Sticking in the NL East, Eric Seidman of FanGraphs takes a look at Atlanta's starting rotation.

Wily Mo Pena is finally embracing his logical destiny, mashing home runs in Japan for the Softbank Hawks.

The Red Sox are still taking their sweet time deciding on their next manager. I am guessing this one will come down the pipeline right about the time they agree with the Cubs on compensation for Theo Epstein. Or, in other words, after about ten more frothing Murray Chass blog posts.

If you have some time to kill, Beyond the Box Score will quiz you on player's real first names.

And finally, Chris Jaffe at THT tries to predict the outcome of the Veteran's Committee vote. It looks good for Ron Santo, not so good for Gil Hodges.