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Friday Morning Applesauce: MacDonald Leaves, Mets Considering Replacing Pagan With Ankiel?!?

As we read yesterday, Chad MacDonald was stolen away from the Mets yesterday to become an assistant GM with the San Diego Padres. After years of ineptness in the Omar era, it's certainly a change to see our front office members being coveted by other teams. Good luck to MacDonald and thank you for your excellent work with the Amazins.

Andy Martino took a look at what the Mets could do to replace Angel Pagan should they decide to part ways with the center fielder. I know there are some Ankiel fans out there, so his ideas may  actually be appealing to some. I'm personally kind of intrigued by the idea of BJ Upton. Making a run at him may be a good way to free up some much needed 40 man roster spots so we can protect our prospects from the rule V draft (and possibly participate as well).

In case you needed any more reason to hop on the Dickey bandwagon you should probably read this. One can only sit and ponder exactly how Omar Minaya would have butchered the PR involved with this, but doing so did make me laugh for seemingly no reason at all.

Deadspin took a look at the Mets move of the fences at Citi Field. THT also had a look at the fantasy implications of the move.

If you're unsure about the value of a basestealer, FanGraphs did an article which may be of interest.  

Now that the season is over, the debates are sure to begin concerning postseason awards. BtB took a graphical look at the MVP race, something those of you sitting in a basement dreaming of spreadsheets are sure to enjoy.

The media in San Francisco seems to want Carlos Beltran to return. The majority of the fanbase seems to want it as well. Why exactly was he so hated by the NY MSM?  Regardless, I just hope he ends up somewhere that he's appreciated.

The veteran's committe will have 10 names to consider for induction to the hall this season.  I'm with Rob Neyer in hoping Ron Santo gets the nod.

Theo's first big job as el presidente of the Cubs will be to hire a new manger.  He's reportedly got a few interviews lined up already, but you have to wonder if Terry Francona would be a fit there.

Lastly, Dan Johnson and the Rays parted ways yesterday.  I'm sure Rays fans will always give Johnson a warm reception when he returns to Tampa, much like Endy Chavez will likely always be loved by Mets fans.