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Did We Re-Sign Jose Reyes Yet? Applesauce: Mets Will Pay 3% Interest to Minority Investors, Murphy To Be On TV, Marlins Ugly Uniforms Leaked?

Meet the Mets

The biggest news to come out of Flushing on Saturday was the announcement that Mets ownership is looking to sweeten the pot for potential investors by giving them back 3% interest per year over six years for their $20 to $30 million investment into the team. Of course, this plan still leaves no path for majority ownership of the team. Oh, those crafty Wilpons and their hairbrained schemes.

Joel Sherman is at it again, as this time his sources say that the Mets are open to dealing David Wright (or TRAID DAVID WRONGZ, if you speak WFANese). We've heard previously that the Mets wouldn't ignore offers for the face of the franchise but Sherman's source, a Mets official, said that they are focusing on the Angels and specifically, on 25 year old center fielder Peter Bourjos, along with some of their young pitching prospects. Bourjos is an outstanding defensive center fielder and while still developing offensively, he took some big strides in his second big league season. 19 year old uber-prospect Mike Trout is knocking at the door behind him, however, potentially making him available. Read into it as you will, I guess.

So it's the offseason but let's say you want to see some Mets on your television. Well lucky for you, pseudo-2nd baseman Daniel Murphy will be making an appearance on ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition next Friday for Veterans Day. I'm not sure if Murph's knee is totally healed yet so I guess you'll find out if you decide to tune in. Of course, filed under reasons not to watch: Shane Victorino is also a guest on the show, along with the general fact that I prefer to watch good shows. Maybe Murph will hit Shane with one of his crutches. That'd make it interesting.

Buried in the depths of an article about Reggie Jackson and Billy Martin that I had absolutely no interest in reading, was a little tidbit regarding Wayne Hagin's spot in the WFAN radio booth potentially being up for grabs. Many of the folks around the Amazin' Avenue community like to call him "Lame Hagin", so if this is true, I don't foresee anybody shedding any tears.

Mets righty and MLB "All-Star" Dillon Gee tossed five innings of one run ball and Michael Morse knocked a go-ahead two run single as the MLB All-Stars defeated the Chinese Taipei team in Taiwan for the fourth straight game, this time winning 3-2.

The Orioles are rumored to be close to hiring former Expos and Red Sox General Manager Dan Duquette as their new General Manager. Duquette, the cousin of former Mets and Orioles GM Jim Duquette, was fired by the Red Sox after the 2002 season and has been out of baseball. reviewed the list of relief pitchers available this offseason and came to the conclusion that Jonathan Papelbon is the best out there. No surprise there. Meanwhile, over at Yahoo Sports, they ranked all of the free agents from 1 to 182. Jose Reyes checks in at #4 on the list.

So first, the Miami Marlins' hideous new logo was leaked to the public, forcing people to pour bleach into their eyes after seeing it. Then, the atrocity known as the Marlins' Home Run Structure was leaked in early October. Well, forget all of that folks, because a rendering of the Marlins' new uniforms has been leaked and it's...well...terrifyingly bad, if true. Just to let you know, I say if true because it is rumored that these artistic renderings included were created by somebody in the know who's seen what they will look like, though these may or may not be them. I guess we'll find out on Friday when they are released. Yeesh.

Finally, over at Lookout Landing, Jeff discovered some emails sent between Angels' OF Vernon Wells and former GM Tony Reagins regarding the opt-out clause in Wells' albatross contract. Hilarity ensues.