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There's always Michael Cuddyer Applesauce: Depressing Hot Stove News, Uplifting Literary News, And All the Bunting News That Is Fit to Post!

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I guess we have to talk about Jose. Reyes is going to be wined and dined over the next few weeks by various teams looking to procure his services. First up, the Florida Miami Marlins. Well, I look forward to Loria having to unload that contract after two years when no one comes to their new stadium either. Fortunately, I don't think Reyes will sign with the Fish, because he wouldn't be caught dead in these duds. Anyway, the Star-Ledger thinks we will be fine without Jose, as we can use the excess cash to sign Juan Pierre and Michael Cuddyer. That will solve everything! The money quote on Cuddyer, "knows how to play baseball." Phew, because I was worried that he might not know how to play baseball.

Yesterday was David Wright day at Fangraphs. Mike Newman took a look at what exactly David Wright is worth at this point, and then compared likely target Peter Bourjos to the Mets prospect options in centerfield. Dave Cameron writes that the Angels would be crazy to trade Bourjos, though. And Jim Breen looks at other possible landing spots for Wright.

Of course, the Mets might not even be in the market for a centerfielder, as it looks like they will tender Angel Pagan a contract. Unless this is a bluff to increase Pagan's trade value. In which case, they will not be tendering Angel Pagan a contract. Got it? Good. Or this could all be rubbish, since it was originally reported by Jon Heyman. Chris Cwik thinks that tendering Pagan is the right move regardless.

Sticking with Fangraphs for a moment, Matt Klassen takes on a subject near and dear to Amazin Avenue's heart, BUNTZ! In this instance, he looks at the most useful bunts of 2011. 

In case you didn't know, R.A. Dickey has a book coming out next March, but you can already pre-order it on Amazon. Get it now before it is shortlisted for the Pulitzer, ABA, and Man Booker. (it's so good they don't even care that he's not British) I smell the next entry for the Amazin Avenue book club.

Not going to be on the 2012 Mets is Chris Capuano, who has priced himself out of the Mets range. I personally wouldn't be morally opposed to giving Cappy a two-year deal, but the Mets should have cheaper internal options by 2013. /crosses fingers.

The NYC BBWAA will honor Jose Reyes and Gary Carter at a banquet in January. That's going to be kind of awkward after they have all blasted Reyes for taking the money and running. Or blasted the Mets for signing an injury prone showoff to a long term deal. You know, whichever.

Howard Megdal takes on Gil Hodges' Hall of Fame candidacy. This is sacrilege in my family, as my father is a lifelong Dodgers fan, but I don't think Gil Hodges is quite a Hall of Famer. That said, I will be happy if he gets in and it won't be one of the twenty worst Veteran's Committee selections in history.

The Royals and Giants set twitter aflame yesterday as they traded two league average players with some serious question marks, swapping Melky Cabrera and Jonathan Sanchez. Both will be free agents after the season, so it is hard to conjure up more than a 'meh' from my end. Cabrera will immediately become like the fourth best hitter on the team, though.

The Phillies are in negotiations with incumbent closer Ryan Madson. Again, meh. Hopefully they overpay or something.

Sadly, the Yoennis Cespedes video has been pulled from youtube, but you can read a more orthodox report on him at Needs more spit-roasted pig.

Apparently the Twins just realized they were terrible this year, as they have canned Bill Smith and moved Terry Ryan back into the GM's chair.

Mike Maddux has removed his name from consideration for the Red Sox managerial opening, and speculation is that he is the leading candidate for the Cubs job.

Frank McCourt is still being a jerky jerk. Crazy, I know.