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Thursday Morning Applesauce: Mets Linked To Relievers, Moves Start To Be Made Elsewhere

There were several Mets related items floating around the interwebs today, but we'll start with one that definitely appears to be more truth than rumor. The team has reportedly approached MLB about an extension on the 25 million dollar loan they took out last winter. It does sound as if the commissioners office is going to give them the necessary time to finalize the deals for minority ownership, I don't think I'm alone in wishing they'd take more of a hardline McCourt-esque stance with the Wilpons though. I guess we can always cross our fingers and hope that some of the minority stakes fall through.

There's some fresh Jose Reyes rumors floating around after the speedster was reportedly sighted in Philthadelphia recently. Ruben Amaro claimed the club has no interest in handing out more 100 million dollar contracts to douse the fire on that one, but it's hard to believe anything Omar Amaro says in that regard. I guess the good news is that Reyes isn't a bullpen option.

BtB took a graphical look at how to replace the Mets offense lost should Jose Reyes join Carlos Beltran as an ex-Met. The Jason Bay to CF option made me laugh almost as hard as the Phillies/Papelbon contract and draft pick situation.

In something I thought I'd never say or write, Steve Phillips seems to be handling a situation well. His relationship with new Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine was inevitably going to be a question people asked about after the hiring and he's apparently decided to take the high road for a change.

The Mets seem to be linked to just about every reliever on the market, and the interwebs decided to give us some talk of almost all of them today. First up will be Frank Francisco, who many liked in their AAOP's. MLBTR provides twitter links for several relievers. The Mets also appear to have made an inquiry on Andrew Bailey. I wouldn't be opposed to that move at all, but Billy Beane seems to want a king's ransom for the reliever. Finally on the reliever front, Jonathon Broxton appears to have been swayed by Frenchie in choo choo choosing the Royals last week. Damn you Delta.

Here's a look at the new orange on blue BP jerseys available at citifield. I actually don't like them nearly as much without the drop shadow in this case.

Poppular AAOP target David DeJesus agreed to a 2 year deal with the Cubs yesterday. He seemed like a guy Theo Epstein would target so this makes some sense.

The Rockies dealt catcher Chris Ianetta yesterday as well, netting 21 year-old Tyler Chatwood in the deal. I'm not sold on Chatwood due to his low strikeout/ridiculous walk totals, but I'd imagine the fact that Ianetta will not net anything if he leaves as a free agent now as opposed to being a potential type A has really hurt his trade value. In response to the move the Rockies signed veteran catcher Ramon Hernandez.

Finally in laughable news, the City of Miami seems to be on the hook for about 2 million in property taxes that they didn't know about. Maybe that monstrosity Loria built will actually convince enough fans to come to the stadium that they can afford the bill.