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The Updated State of the Mets' 2012 Budget

 (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)
(Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Back in October, I put together a rough estimate of the Mets' 2012 payroll commitments, and an update is obviously necessary after the signings of Jon Rauch and Frank Francisco and trade of Angel Pagan for Ramon Ramirez and Andres Torres.

By midnight tonight, the Mets figure to tender Mike Pelfrey, Manny Acosta, Ramirez, and Torres contracts for 2012 while non-tendering Ronny Paulino. Salaries for those arbitration-eligible players tendered contracts are, of course, estimates.

Pos. Player $ (Millions)
C Josh Thole 0.4
1B Ike Davis 0.4
2B Daniel Murphy 0.4
3B David Wright 15.3
SS Ruben Tejada 0.4
LF Jason Bay 18.1
CF Andres Torres 3.5
RF Lucas Duda 0.4
Bench Mike Nickeas 0.4
Bench Justin Turner 0.4
SP Johan Santana 24.0
SP R.A. Dickey 4.8
SP Jon Niese 0.5
SP Mike Pelfrey 5.9
SP Dillon Gee 0.4
RP Frank Francisco 6.0
RP Jon Rauch 3.5
RP Ramon Ramirez 2.5
RP Tim Byrdak 1.2
RP Manny Acosta 1.0
RP Bobby Parnell 0.4
RP D.J. Carrasco 1.2
Total 91.1

Given Sandy Alderson's indications that the Opening Day payroll for the team will be approximately $95 million, they've got about $4 million left in their budget this winter. With the bullpen seemingly settled, that money will most likely be spent filling the three spots on the bench that appear to be open.

That Jason Bay salary sure is an eyesore, isn't it?