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Tom Seaver Interview On MLB Network Tonight At 9PM ET

Tonight at 9pm, MLB Network will air a new episode of Studio 42 with Bob Costas featuring a lengthy interview with Tom Seaver from Cooperstown, New York. Among other things, Seaver talks about his time with the Mets; the art of pitching; the trade to Cincinnati; his induction to the Hall of Fame; the 1969 World Series; and plenty more.

Seaver has many terrific stories from his two-decade career in baseball, but above all I love the language he uses to describe pitching. Well, not all pitching; his pitching, which he considered a "mental and physical art form." He considered "obfuscation" to be the key to his success in pitcher-hitter match-ups, particularly those in his later years when he couldn't call on the velocity that made him so dominant as a youngster.

Not to be missed: Bob Costas's incredible purple blazer.

I wish they'd let us embed more, but here's a mini 15-second promo spot for the interview: