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Obligatory Anchorman Quote Applesauce: Mets Punt Baxter, Are Possibly in Glass Case of Emotion

Non-Tender Day has now come and gone, and the Mets cut their roster down to 40 by not extending contracts to Mike Baxter and Ronny Paulino. Somehow, D.J. Carrasco survives. Must be the stirrups. Paulino was expected and Baxter was certainly a strong candidate, although it leaves the Mets with very little outfield depth at the moment. It also leaves them with a projected MLB bench of Turner, Nickeas, Satin, F! and Cap'n Kirk, so expect more moves in the coming weeks. Maybe Kelly Shoppach?

The Mets needed to cut two players as they claimed RHP Jeremy Hefner from the Pirates along with signing C Lucas May and LHP Garrett Olson as minor league free agents. Both are likely to be NRIs for Spring Training. Hefner was added to the 40-man and gets tossed into the sixth starter blender with Chris Schwinden and Mark Cohoon. May is interesting. He hits lefties pretty well, and can play some corners as well as catch. Could be an interesting 25th man candidate, given how left-leaning the Mets roster is right now. Garrett Olson is...uh...left-handed.

In what will be a surprise to absolutely no one, the Mets need money again. I wonder if a 40 million loan means BoA won't charge them any debit card fees, because that is probably a dealbreaker at this point. There is some good news, though, as the Wilpons may now have to sell the team ahead of schedule. Whatever that schedule was.

Your non-tender news: gives you an overview of some of the day's more intriguing moves. I'd consider taking flyers on Gorzelanny or Volstad, for what it's worth. I imagine a lot of teams will be interested in those two, though. Saunders would also be an obvious choice, except I think he gets multiple years from somebody. If you want to check out how an individual player fared, there is MLBTR's non-tender tacker.

The Marlins may have a shiny new stadium, and almost 200 million worth of shiny new players (not to mention those shiny new eyesores they will be wearing), but they are still the Marlins. You know Mr. Loria, you might want to spend a little bit to make sure people can actually get to your stadium.

Aramis Ramirez trades in red hots for brats as he signed as three-year deal with the Brewers. Seems like a reasonable contract to me. Jack Moore of Fangraphs has more on the move here. The Brewers freed up third base by trading Casey McGahee to Pittsburgh. Have to assume he is Pedro Alvarez insurance, which is actually pretty bad insurance. You know, like the type Ryan O'Reilly warns you about. This does mean that the Brewers are out on Prince Fielder.

The bowtie thinks that Hanley Ramirez should be on the move this offseason and runs down a list of possible suitors. Ben Cherington needs to find Mike Lowell, wherever he is, and trade him and Beckett back to Miami. Maybe get the Fish to throw in Annibal Sanchez, too. Rosenthal also reports that the Rangers aren't too interested in Fielder or Darvish, but may make a play for a starter on the trade market. I have this bad feeling Darvish ends up in the Bronx next year. If you want, you can predict where Darvish will land over at Baseball Nation.

Look, just cause LaRussa retired doesn't meant that St. Louis is giving up their love affair with Ship Schumaker. No siree.

This in no way makes me hate John Rocker more. I still hate him the exact same amount. Though I am annoyed I had to see his name again, I guess.

Jeff Sullivan takes a look at the fastest and slowest batters by time in between pitches.

And finally, Notgraphs has the least safe for work image I have ever seen. Okay, technically it is safe for work. But really, it's not. Especially if you work in an office that frowns upon pained wailing.