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Friday morning applesauce: Mets supposedly in on Gio, probably can't afford to pay him anyway

This is the time of year where we start to hear all sorts of silly rumors with very little basis in fact, but yesterday's rumblings that the Mets are in on Gio Gonzalez made little sense to most Mets fans. Gonzalez is an interesting pitcher who's yet to reach his prime and under team control for several more seasons, and he'd also fill a big hole in the current rotation. If the Cahill deal is anything to go by, the cost for Gio will likely be sky high. It's funny how much things have changed for me since we were relieved of Omar...had this rumor popped up two years ago I'd be crying at the thought of dealing with Billy Beane.

The Mets made an actual move yesterday, signing lefty Chuck James to a minor league contract. In his 326 major league innings James has been exactly replacement level. That should be another decent piece for the Bison rotation, but hopefully we don't have to see him in Flushing.

There is more about the Wilpons today. The Post ran a story today about the Wilpons asking MLB to help them in the Einhorn negotiations. If true, it really does paint an even uglier picture of the Mets owners. FanGraphs ran an article on the Mets ownership as well, this one citing the work that Dan did the other day.

Sandy Alderson is at least making the news for a good reason. He's been named to a committee to study how to handle international talent going forward.

R.A. Dickey will be receiving the Thurman Munson award. It's nice to see Dickey being recognized for his general awesomeness off the field as well as on it.

Finally, teams are awaiting word on who placed the winning bid for Yu Darvish. We know it won't be the Mets, but it's an intriguing story to follow all the same.