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2012 Mets Record Prediction Experiment

We have a Fan Confidence meter on the site (see upper left) but it's only active during the season. I suspect if we could get it fired up now that the graph would drop sharply, presumably into whatever the graph equivalent of a toilet is. Rather than use a concept as abstract as "confidence," instead I think we could perform a similar study with something slightly less abstruse. Something like predicting how many games the 2012 Mets will win, but I'd like to capture that information at various times throughout the rest of the offseason, and then perhaps into the first few weeks of regular season games in April.

Here, then, is our first polling station. The Winter Meetings are over; Mike Pelfrey has been offered arbitration; the payroll projects to be around $100 million; the Wilpons still own the team; the 2012 roster is mostly filled out, barring future trades and the addition of a few bench players.

How many games will the 2012 Mets win? Discuss your selection and thought process in the comments.