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Tuesday Daytime Mets Mind Boggler

The Mets Mind Boggler is typically reserved for the late night time slot on Mondays, but winter is just about officially here so here's an exercise in Mets history to keep you busy while the sun's still out.

From 2007 through 2011, the Mets ranked 23rd in baseball with a rate of 3.52 walks per nine innings, a far cry from the league-leading Twins, who walked a mere 2.69 batters per nine over the same span. The Mets were considerably closer to the Orioles' 3.74 rate, the worst in the majors.

When it comes to walking a bunch of batters in one game, however, there's only one recent Met who's walked eight or more batters in a single game. All in all, twelve Mets pitchers have managed to do that, at least one of them on more than one occasion.

The all-time record for most walks in a single game belongs to Tommy Byrne, who walked 16 batters on August 22, 1951, while pitching for the St. Louis Browns.

Can you name all twelve Mets pitchers who have issued eight or more walks in a single game?

Mets Pitchers with Eight or More Walks in One Game

The time limit is five minutes, and I'll be very impressed if anyone gets a perfect score. Post your score and time in the comments.