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Rob Johnson Applesauce: Gio traded for a boatload, Beltran replaces Pujols

The Mets made a minor move to the team yesterday, signing veteran catcher Rob Johnson to a minor league deal with an invite to spring training. Johnson is noted for his defense, but doesn't bring much to the table with his bat. While he may make some of us yearn for the days of Omir Santos, he's not all that bad a move on a minor league deal.

Sick of hearing about the Mets finances yet? Well Forbes has some more for you. It's always nice to know that the team won't benefit from the recent surge in TV money but that it will go directly into the Wilpons pockets instead. Thanks Bud...

Toby Hyde noted that the Mets dropping of their GCL team has just brought them in line with the ML norms. While it may seem a bit odd to drop a team that is at their complex already, I'd guess it was largely due to the fact that Kingsport is guaranteed a team for the near future.

Former Met Carlos Beltran has found a new home. He'll join Lance Berkman and Matt Holliday in the middle of the order in St. Louis on a 2 year deal. I guess that's one way to make sure he never has to face Adam Wainwright again...

The Nats completed their TRAID for lefty Gio Gonzalez yesterday, and they gave up a haul to acquire the lefty. After seeing that return I'm almost excited to see what the Mets could get by shopping Jon Niese. BtB took a look at the return in graphical form, and Sickels took a closer at the return for the A's.

The Nats weren't done adding at Gio...they also came to an agreement with Mark DeRosa.

Long time Omar Minaya favorite Jason Marquis will not be making his long awaited Mets debut this season either. Marquis will head to the twin cities to ply his trade this season.

Finally for today, Fangraphs takes a closer look at potential Braves SS Tyler Pastornicky.