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On the Third Day of Christmas the Internet Gave to Me Applesauce: Three Chicken Fried Steaks, Two Cubs Relievers, and an Underrated Darin Gorski.

I was hoping John Sickels' Mets Top 20 Prospect List would be up this morning. Looks like it will be up over at Minor League Ball sometime today, though. Unfortunately, that kills about half my Applesauce post, which was of course going to be me waxing poetic about Darin Gorski.

Grant Brisbee takes a look at how close the Nationals are to relevancy. The answer: Eh, kinda close but not that close.

Patrick Flood is in reruns. Up first, segways and Chris Capuano. Ah, if only I could go into reruns. Ted Berg waxes poetic about Chicken Fried Steak. All right, now maybe I am starting to stretch for something that would be considered 'news.'

Here's the Blue Jays Casper Wells! And he's wearing what appears to be a Batman onesie! Okay, now we are stretching for news.

Meanwhile, David Schoenfeld waxes poetic about Ben Zobrist. I always confuse David Schoenfeld with David Shoemaker (AKA The Masked Man) of Grantland and Deadspin fame. Really, one of them should change their name.

In super exciting news, the Cubs added some bullpen depth, signing Andy Sonnastine and Manny Corpas. The race for the 2012 NL Central Title is on!

Notgraphs previews the article you would have read about Angel Pagan for the next few months. But then the Mets traded him. Now I guess you can sub in Jon Niese.

Rangers catcher Yorvit Torrealba was suspended 66 games by the Dominican Winter League after striking an umpire. That puts him out for the rest of this season and the next. Doesn't look like the MLB will take any further action, though.

Richard Justice writes a scathing hit piece about how good Scott Boras is at his job. Or about how he is some kind of warlock. I'm not entirely sure which. I do think Boras may end up holding the bag with Fielder, though, especially if the Rangers have to go something like 5/70 for Yu Darvish.