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As Sure As Kilimanjaro Rises Like A Dickey Above the Serengeti Applesauce: Mets Warn Dickey About Mountain Climbing Risks, Dickey Will Do It Anyway, Sickels' Top 20 Prospects

Meet the Mets

As R.A. Dickey continues to prepare for his mountain-climbing endeavor, the Mets decided to send a letter to the knuckleballer in order to try to dissuade him from scaling Mount Kilimanjaro next month. The letter basically stated that Dickey could have his contract voided should he get injured while hiking but it looks as if Dickey will go through with it despite that. At least he's climbing for a good cause, as it will help to raise money and awareness for the Bombay Teen Challenge, a campaign against human trafficking in Mumbai, India.

Over at Minor League Ball, John Sickels has released his Top 20 Mets Prospect list. While the farm system is still a ways away from being near the top of the league, the talent level has certainly taken a leap forward from where it was a few years ago.

Toby Hyde reached into the Mets minor league mailbag to answer some fan questions.

They may not have always been rosy (actually, far from it), but the Mets certainly made plenty of headlines in 2011.

Around the Majors

Despite reports that the A's will be given the okay to begin planning a move to San Jose, the team is remaining tight-lipped.

Jeff Passan took a look at the top five stories of the 2011 season. Number one on the list is pretty obvious and likely a night of baseball I'll remember for a very long time.

There are still plenty of relievers on the market, which means there will likely be some bargains. The Mets pen seems to be pretty full now and I assume at his age he'll probably be looking to hook on with a contender, but Darren Oliver would be a nice fit as the second lefty and long man and could end up as decent trade bait. Who would've thought he'd still be pitching this well after 2006?

You want more Hall of Fame debate? You've got it. Dave Cameron compares Alan Trammell to Robin Yount in an effort to show how career longevity can make or break a Cooperstown bid. And at NotGraphs, here are some other reasons, aside from potential steroid use, to not vote Jeff Bagwell into the Hall.