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Thursday morning applesauce: Mets stadium rating downgraded, Cohen looking at Dodgers

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With no TRAID news involving the Mets to tell you about, we'll start off the day with yet more information about the Mets financial woes. Standard & Poor's has cut the Mets stadium rating to below investment grade due to the club's declining revenues and attendance figures. I don't know that this means a whole lot in and of itself, but it should be yet another red flag for Bud Selig to ignore that the Wilpons really need to sell the club asap.

In other investment news some of you may remember when Steven Cohen was looking to purchase a fairly large minority share of the Mets. That deal seemingly fell through due to the Wilpons objections, but now Cohen has moved on to inquiring about purchasing the Dodgers. I guess that's one less potential Wilpon replacement.

Rising Apple compiled a list of the Mets new years resolutions. Who actually follows through on those anyway...

Rob Neyer took a little deeper look at that nasty Wright for Phillies prospects rumor that popped up last week. While I agree with his general assessment, I think he may be underestimating Ruben Amaro Jr's ability to overpay after he identifies "his guy". I love that Omar Minaya is still employed in the division...

The other third baseman in NY was in the news yesterday as well. A-rod's knee has been troubling him, so naturally he's heading to Europe for an experimental treatment. Luckily for Yankees fans, the Steibrenner piggybank probably has enough pennies to avoid this being catastrophic to the franchise.

The Red Sox pulled off a long expected TRAID yesterday by acquiring Andrew Bailey from the A's. John Sickels took a little deeper look at the prospects the A's acquired for their closer over at his blog. Maybe it's just years of closers being overvalued finally coming to an end, but it really seems like the Red Sox parted with a pretty light package to add Bailey.