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Who Can You Blame For Jose Reyes's Departure?

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Jose Reyes is gone and Mets fans are angry. Some of you might be angry at no one in particular, but that's crazy! Direct your rage at someone and open fire with bullets of apoplexy! So who can we blame for this mess?

Fred Wilpon et al. Grr, the owners. You hate them! The Mets have been mostly terrible since Fred Wilpon bought out Nelson Doubleday and acquired full ownership of the team. He built Citi Field as a temple to the Brooklyn Dodgers. He hired Omar Minaya. He begat Jeff Wilpon. You figure if he would just sell the team we'd all be the better for it. Blame the owners!

Sandy Alderson. He never even made Jose Reyes an offer! Not even a half-assed perfunctory Oliver Perez-type offer. Who cares if he had no money to spend because the team lost $70 million in 2011 and the owners (see: above) have non-baseball financial difficulties of their own? We'll all remember on whose watch the Mets allowed one of the most popular players in franchise history defect to the division rival Miami Marlins. I guess letting franchise shortstops walk away without a fight is the new market inefficiency. Blame Sandy!

Bernie Madoff. The coffers are empty and it's all Bernie's fault! If not for the Pope of Ponzitown, Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz would still have some money in the bank, they wouldn't be in hock to Major League Baseball, and the Mets would be competing in the payroll stratospheres of the Phillies and the Red Sox. Sure, the Mets have spent a lot of money in the past and gotten very little return on that investment, but if only they had the money to spend now things would be different. Blame Bernie!

Omar Minaya. He still haunts you! He probably would have just given Reyes a ten-year deal with several vesting options for good measure. It's his fault we're even having this conversation. If he hadn't hamstrung the Mets by signing Jason Bay, Oliver Perez, Luis Castillo, Johan Santana, Francisco Rodriguez, Alex Cora, and so on to ridiculous contracts, maybe the Mets would have been a little better these past few years, maybe more fans would have come out to see them play, maybe they'd have a bit more payroll flexibility, and maybe we'd still have Jeff Francoeur! Blame Omar!

Jose Reyes. He deserted you! The Mets are in the toughest position they've been in in years and Reyes jumps ship so he can soak up the south Florida sun. You raised him from a pup and poured your heart out for him, and this is how he thanks you? You bought Reyes jerseys, bobbleheads, autographed baseballs. You still have a Jose Reyes Fathead on your bedroom wall. You won't soon forget this day. Blame Jose!

The Miami Marlins. Ugh, why did they have to get a new stadium? Everyone was perfectly happy with them not spending any money and then selling off their good players to other teams. Like us! Now they're flush with cash and causing problems for everyone. First they freed Heath Bell, then they took Jose. Why couldn't they just be happy with a small payroll and no fans? Blame the Marlins!

Carlos Beltran. I know he's responsible somehow. Blame Beltran!

Anyone I'm forgetting?