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Will You Root Against Jose Reyes?

Now that he's really gone, given all that we've been through with Jose Reyes over the years — the playoff run in 2006, the countless leg injuries, the stolen base records, the uneven plate discipline — will you be rooting for him when he wears the ugly, ugly colors of the Miami Marlins? I'm not at all suggesting you might root for the Marlins; that's ridiculous. But can you support Reyes as a member of the Marlins inasmuch as his performance there doesn't negatively affect the Mets, either at the micro (individual games) or macro (pennant races, maybe, some day) level?

It would certainly be easier if he had signed with some innocuous American League team like the A's or the Blue Jays. Then, assuming you weren't bitter about him leaving altogether, you could, with a reasonably clear conscience, cheer him on — as well as his team — without it posing any conflict of baseball interest with your support of the Mets.

But he didn't. He signed with the Marlins, who, while not quite as bad as the Phillies or the Braves or the Yankees — are a division rival who has hurt and irritated the Mets numerous times over the years. So, a simple question, then: Will you root for or against Jose Reyes as a Miami Marlin?