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Rule 5 Applesauce: Marlins Shopping Spree Continues, Mets Traiding Everyone


Because the flurry of activity the other night wasn't enough, today seems likely to bring us even more to talk about here at AA as Sandy continues to fill out the roster post-Reyes. Last season the Rule 5 brought us Brad Emaus and Pedro Beato, one of whom actually beat the odds and stuck for the entire season. Later today we're expected to select another player or perhaps two to attempt to make the club. The Mets current 40 man roster stands at 39 (with the additions of Rauch and Francisco still to go), so in addition to needing to clear one space anyway they will have to remove a player from the 40 for every one they take.

Guys like Brad Holt, Jefrey Marte, and Juan Centeno seem to be in the most danger of being selected, while DJ Carrasco, Mike Baxter, Zach Lutz, Josh Satin, and Josh Stinson are probably in the most danger of being removed from the roster. There are certainly some interesting names floating around out there, the complete list of eligible players can be found here. We also have two more previews for you, the first from our own SB Nation Pirates site Bucs Dugout, and the second from

Scott Boras chimed in yesterday with some comments on the Mets not so free spending ways of late. It's hard to disagree with anything he has to say here, so hopefully some of his optimism on the outlook for the future is well placed. In other Boras news, newish client and former Met Francisco Rodriguez surprised the Brewers and accepted his offer of arbitration. While his option may not have vested, he's still likely to become the most expensive non-closing reliever in the history of the game. I guess that's one way to spend your entire budget if you lose Prince Fielder and miss out on Jose Reyes. Other players accepting arbitration include Kelly Johnson and David Ortiz.

Kevin Burkhardt got in touch with Jose Reyes for an interview yesterday. The Marlins continued to throw money around, landing Mark Buehrle as well yesterday for a ridiculous sum. The rumor mill is still connecting them to CJ Wilson, but by rule they should not be eligible to sign a fourth compensatory free agent. It will be interesting to see what comes of that in the coming days.

SB Nation's McCovey Chronicles was extremely upset to see fan favorite Andres Torres go. Andy McCullough took a closer look at the similarities between Torres and the far less popular Angel Pagan who he will be replacing.

In other Mets traid news, Jon Niese was a popular name being tossed around yesterday. The New York media seems to believe he's even a target for the Yankees.

The Red Sox will likely be adding players to their system today (or cash). Compensation for stealing boy wonder (Theo) is expected to be announced today after the Rule 5 draft. With the Cubs owning a high selection it would not surprise me if the Sox will be making the selection for them.

In a reversal of their usual roles on the trade market, the Blue Jays yesterday sent top prospect Nestor Molina to the White Sox for reliever Sergio Santos. I wasn't aware that Kenny Williams even knew the minor leagues existed.

Finally we'll take a look across the Pacific. Yu Darvish has confirmed that he's set to be posted in the next few days. While it will be interesting to see what teams go hard after the half-Iranian phenom, I think it's safe to say that the Mets will not be involved. Hiroki Sanada seems to be a slightly less desirable commodity, as he passed through the posting process without any team making a bid.