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Let's Play Fantasy Mets Owner

This past winter, Mets fans debated over who should fill the all-important roles of GM and manager. Now, apparently, we get to argue who should own the team, too.

The Wilpons now say they're looking to sell minority interest in the Mets. Considering the ominous lawsuit that prompted the sale announcement--one in which victims of the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme are looking to recoup as much as $1 billion--it is a distinct possibility that the Wilpons will have to give up some control of the team if they hope to gain investors.

With that in mind, I thought I'd poll the Amazin' Avenue readership and see who their dream ownership candidates would be. Although "dream" in this case will have a few parameters, because I'd like responses to be at least a little bit plausible. That means:

  1. The candidate has to be alive, so no nominating Bill Veeck or General Patton.
  2. The candidate has to either be rich enough to pony up the dough for a piece of the Mets' pie, or prominent enough to rally a group of investors. So unless you're a multimillionaire or super-famous, don't say "me!"

I was tempted to add a "No Dolans" strictures, but if you think you can make the argument that the Cablevision Cabal could do more good than harm for the Mets, be my guest.

Who should own the Mets? Comment away!