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Everyone's Happy Now Applesauce - Collins excited to lead Mets, Ollie not in yet, Sandy's scouts

Meet the Mets

I want everyone to remember this article and particularly the picture attached to it. The article is your basic optimistic Spring Training piece, but this time it's about how happy and excited new manager Terry Collins is at the moment.What is the over under on Collins' optimism getting crushed by this franchise and going from that to looking like this?

The Post also has your typical Ollie-hating piece, expressing disappointment that Perez wasn't at Spring Training back in October.

There were mixed signs coming from the Mets organization yesterday. On one hand, Sandy Alderson and his lieutenants have reorganized the team's scouting hierarchy and roles to make their scouts cover a few organizations extensively. But, on the same day, the Times posted a story about the Mets struggling to sell tickets even after Alderson's amazing video sales pitch

I think, all in all, that I'm with Ted Berg about this team though. They're getting their sh&* together even if they can't sell tickets yet.

David Wright's defense is keeping his overall value down.

Let's look at some minor league stories. Toby Hyde talked with organizational rising star Mark Cohoon who seems to have a good head on his shoulders.

What the heck is up with Wilmer Flores getting no love as a prospect?

It looks like Casey Fossum is getting another shot with the Met organization.

Jeff Francoeur probably should have been in the minor league news all last season and here's why, in case you have forgotten.

Around MLB

The Mariners are doing everything they can to make Felix Hernandez happy, going so far as to sign his older, less talented brother Moises Hernandez to a minor league contract. Remember when the Mets had Mark Glavine on the roster? Good times...

Mark Buehrle had some harsh words for Mike Vick.

Jim Joyce and Armando Galarraga found a way to make money off being awesome. Good for them. 

Albert Pujols will probably not have this many suitors.

With all this football stuff going on, John Sickels takes a look back at the minor league careers of both Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders.

And, finally, the Yankees have signed Luis Ayala. Hehe.