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2011 New York Mets Roster Construction Tree

Anybody watch that show 'How It's Made' on the Science Channel? Well, assuming I'm not the only nerd watching the Science Channel, here you go: This is a chart that shows the "genealogical" origin of how each player currently on the Mets 40-man roster came to be. Pretty straightforward; the legend is over to the right and the current roster is in orange also on the right. The visual got pretty huge though so you're going to have to click here or click on the image below for the full effect.


A few interesting notes:

  • Mike Nickeas? Seriously? That's just ridiculous
  • With all this talk about letting him go, Reyes' unbroken line surpassing nearly everything else on the chart really gives you some perspective
  • Who the hell is Dan Murray?
  • It feels like Killa Cam was around longer than that
  • Besides Wright and Reyes, guess WHO has been with this organization the longest?