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Crazy Ownership Ideas Applesauce - Bloomberg will not buy Mets, Mario Cuomo to mediate dispute, Santana not throwing

Meet the Mets

Ah, what the heck. I'm gonna lead of with crazy ownership ideas for the Mets. In case you've lost track of all the names being mentioned, here's the basic rundown. My favorites were Michael Bloomberg and Jerry Seinfeld, both of whom have taken themselves out of the running. Well, how about Justin Bieber (worth the link just for the photos alone). Or, what about ignoring the whole private ownership thing entirely?

But, in all seriousness, we can most reasonably expect a deal that will favor the Wilpons because Bud Selig simply won't approve anything that will hurt his good friends

Oh, and also of note in this whole fiasco, Mario Cuomo just got appointed to mediate the dispute between the Wilpons and the Madoff victims.

In terms of actual baseball news, there's some good stuff to pass along too. For one, here's some video that should get you excited: Daniel Murphy turning double plays

Jose Reyes is expected to show up in camp with a little added weight, but does not expect it to affect his speed. This season is a big one for Reyes who is a free agent next offseason, but he doesn't expect the contract talk to distract from his preseason preparations.

Probably the most important player recovery story for this preseason is Johan Santana's who is doing well despite not having started throwing.

Metsradamus throws water on the Oliver Perez bashing (for his absence so far at Spring Training).

Nice digs for Sandy Alderson.

I was always frustrated with the inability to play as Rick Reed and Benny Agbayani in video games too

The Mets have not had a good second baseman in a long time.

Around MLB

The Rangers and AL MVP Josh Hamilton have come to terms on a 2 year $24 million deal.

Bad news for the rest of the NL East, Stephen Strasburg has begun throwing a baseball again after his Tommy John surgery.

How Yovani Gallardo not getting a bobblehead has created all sorts of speculation.

The Mariners have decided to go ahead sign more relatives of great MLB players, this time Vladimir Guerrero's nephew

The Twins may trade away Francisco Liriano.

Justin Bopp writes what all Met fans know: the triple is awesome and endangered.

MLB.TV is truly an amazing service that has allowed me to remain connected to the team I love for a reasonable price. It will approach 1 billion video streams this season. Well done MLB.