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Donald Trump Wants To Buy Mets, Tell Wilpons They're Fired

Billionaire hairpiece Donald Trump is interested in buying the Mets, but he'd only do so if he'd have a majority stake in the team and, therefore, operational control with which he can tell people, "You're fired." As Rob Neyer points out, it seems unlikely that MLB would ever sanction the sale of any team, let alone the Mets, to such a buffoonish attention whore.

There's no way in hell that Trump winds up controlling the Mets. Major League Baseball has no interest in famous owners who won't take orders -- i.e. Mark Cuban -- and if the Wilpons are willing to cede majority ownership, there will be plenty of people just as rich as Trump, but quite a bit less famous, happy to toss in $500 million (or whatever).

I'll confess to amusement at the thought of Trump using the occasion of another managerial vacancy to announce a brand new Celebrity Apprentice, in which Wally Backman and Bobby Valentine compete to be the next Mets skipper, walking on hot coals and eating insects and swapping wives and so forth. So yea, I have no idea what happens on that show.