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A Whole New Year Applesauce - Isringhausen given new shot with Mets, Pulsipher denied, Trump wants to buy the team

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Meet the Mets

As pitchers and catchers report to Port St. Lucie today, we get a blast from the past from a former Generation K cornerstone. That's right, Jason Isringhausen has snared a minor league contract and a Spring Training invitation. I hope that he sticks with the organization in the minors (I doubt that he'll win a spot out of camp) instead of retiring. He can only add depth and would be a neat story if he did make it.

Apparently, he wasn't the only Generation K member who wanted back with the franchise: Bill Pulsipher wanted a pitching coach gig.

Channeling a little pre-Francoeur Ted Berg from 2009, if Donald Trump buys the Mets, I'm out.

Matt Himmelfarb suggests the Mets listen to a potential Yankee offer for Mike Pelfrey. Considering what the Cubs gave up for Matt Garza, I can't say I disagree.

Jerry Manuel has high praises still for Jose Reyes.

In his first interview since his imprisonment, Bernie Madoff says that Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz were unaware of his ponzi scheme. The banks that he dealt with are a different story.

Andy Martino is a man of his word and a Speedo.

Around MLB

We are quickly approaching the Albert Pujols contract extension deadline, FYI. In case you're wondering, he's still better than Mark Teixeira and Ryan Howard. Some crazy stuff continues to surround these negotiations, including a Scott Boras-Tony La Russa feud.

The Philadelphia rotation's press conference was awkward for Joe Blanton who managed to show that he knows a lot more about baseball than the sports writers. The dreams of a dynasty with this rotation are starting to show cracks already with Roy Oswalt hinting at retirement after this season.

Atlanta's pitching rotation imitated the Philadelphia hype, but with a lot less fanfare.

Hanley Ramirez is already starting to enjoy the new Marlin stadium.

Ken Griffey Jr is going to have to mend some fences before he can return in any capacity to the Mariners.

Stan Musial was awarded the Medal of Freedom at the White House yesterday.

Clay Zavada, the man with the best mustache in MLB, has decided to continue pitching. This is good news.

And, finally, some awesome evidentiary debate is going on in the Barry Bonds trial as the prosecution is fighting the defense's introduction of Playboy issues to the jury.