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What Really Happened After Endy's Catch

A glorious revision of history from Jay_What, just in case you turned the TV off after Endy Chavez's catch in Game 7 of the 2006 NLCS and have been on a seafaring adventure ever since.

Everything was OK. The Mets went on to win the World Series in 2006, then repeated as World Champions in 2007. After getting off to a slow start in 2008 the team’s owners, Fred and Jeff Wilpon, sent a stern message to the players by firing 2-time champion manager Willie Randolph in the middle of the night after the 1st game of a West Coast road trip and the team responded by streaking to a 3rd consecutive championship under debonair and hip new manager Jerry Manuel.

The Mets confirmed New York as a National League town by winning a 4th consecutive championship in 2009 while other organizations sought to hire managers and general managers similar to Manuel and Omar Minaya respectively in style and acumen. When it seemed the Mets were well on their way to 5 World Championships in a row in 2010 Yankee owner George Steinbrenner couldn’t take it anymore and passed away but had he lived on he would have seen the Mets suffer unprecedented injuries and fail to make the post season for the 1st time since 2006.

The Wilpons, terribly upset by these historic injuries, released Manuel, 4-time champion general manager Minaya, and many of the coaches and training staffers. 2011 should be interesting as the baseball world watches to see if the Mets can get their dynasty back on track under new management while the Wilpons sit back and count their untold riches gained during this historic run.

So that's what really happened, and don't let "people" or "video and newspaper accounts" or "overwhelming empirical evidence" tell you otherwise. They're just trying to harsh your buzz.