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People Show Up Applesauce - Mets new leadership runs first camp, Maine to Philly, Pujols/Cards fail

Meet the Mets

It's Spring Training time again and, despite all the negativity and mystery surrounding the Met ownership's future, we can have some tiny bit of hope for the season. Don't believe me? Well, how about Terry Collins saying that he will use Francisco Rodriguez in the 8th inning if it's a high leverage situation? And, I don't have a link for this, but I can't remember a recent Spring Training where the Mets have this much depth and this many decent possibilities for their open positions. So, I guess it's official, I'm drinking the Spring Training Kool Aid.

Former Met manager Dallas Green is in Phillies camp this Spring, which is a welcome distraction for Green who lost his granddaughter in the Tucson massacre.

Stuart Sternberg is not pursuing the Mets, yet.

John Maine is close to signing with a certain MLB team in Philadelphia.

Matt Kaufman explains why Dillon Gee reminds him of his favorite '90s Met Rick Reed.

Patrick Flood anoints Tug McGraw #23 on his Top 50 list while explaining why the Met reliever was one of the clutchest Mets of all time.

You can now celebrate the Mets' involvement with Bernie Madoff with your own commemorative t-shirt.

A group of business men is trying to make public ownership of the Mets a possibility. Here's how you can get involved

Around MLB

The biggest news from yesterday is what didn't happen: Albert Pujols and the Cardinals will put off their contract negotiations until after the season.

When baseball and actuarial mortality tables combine it's a beautifully morbid thing.

Satchel Price posts about what the heck has been going on with the Oakland farm system lately.

Mitch Albom's play about Ernie Harwell has been written and Harwell has been cast.

Royals Review has an ethics question about rooting for your own players to get injured