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Fossum "Blade" Applesauce - Met manager Frazier passes away, Torrealba loses grievance, Maine to CO

Meet the Mets

Spring Training is one of the few times that we, as fans, get to hear about some of the lesser known players who populate various levels of the Met organization. This is a good thing. Especially when what we learn is like this about Casey Fossum.

Sad news today, as former Met manager Joe Frazier passed away at the age of 88.

John Maine is not going to be pitching for the Phillies. That being said: best wishes to John.

Having been replaced as Met hitting coach, Howard Johnson is leaving the organization entirely. It had been expected that HoJo would find another role with the team, but I guess not.

Looks like I couldn't get through an offseason without a Met/Yorvit Torrealba story, but at least this year it's good news for the Mets.

Ted Berg talks with Joe McEwing.

Patrick Flood tries to figure out whether or not he is looking at things through Alderson-colored glasses.

Around MLB

Gary Sheffield has retired. We now have five years to look forward to his Hall of Fame debate. In case you haven't been paying attention for all these years, this is what the guy did.

Miguel Cabrera was arrested for DUI in St. Lucie. He doesn't look too upset about it though.

Joba Chamberlain looks like he found CC Sabathia's lost weight.

Happy 118th birthday to Wally Pipp.

Jose Bautista = Rich Aurilia?

And, FYI, Jack Clark has the most extra inning home runs of anyone in MLB history.