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Genius Business Plan Applesauce - Wilpons relied on Madoff scheme, Piazza not bidding, Santana trade re-evaluated

Enough said
Enough said

Meet the Mets

Let's start day three of new ownership speculation. This time, though, let's focus on the Wilpons instead of any potential new owners. The New York Times had a big expose focusing on the Wilpons' connections with the Madoffs. Money quote: "Bernie was part of the business plan for the Mets". For example, the Mets would frequently defer compensation to their players/employees and deposit that deferred money with Madoff. My question is, why has it taken this long for this story to come out? Did everyone buy the Wilpons' line that they were fine?

Despite their smart decision to hire Sandy Alderson and company, the Wilpons need to take a lot of heat for the disappointing state of the Mets (both on the field and off of it). Maybe they should make a music video or something to re-brand themselves.

Might as well throw in some new owner speculation to the Applesauce. Mike Piazza was on hand last night at the Thurman Munson Dinner and he preemptively took his name out of any possible ownership speculation.  Bonus: Mike Piazza and Angel Pagan get photo bombed.

Speaking of Angel Pagan, there is likely to be a competition over who will get to patrol center field this year.

Ted Berg thinks that it's time to re-evaluate the Johan Santana trade and argues that the Mets didn't come out as well as we'd like to think.

Bill Petti thinks the Mets may be relying too much on batter regression.

And, finally, Joe DeMayo speculates on what the Buffalo pitching staff will look like.

Around MLB

Hank Steinbrenner has assumed his father's position and his office space.

Dave Gershman sees a lot of good things in the Pirates' future.

With the latest Snowpocalypse beating down on most of the United States (except Charlottesville), here's a cool photo gallery of baseball + snow.

Oh, and apparently fans were even a little crazier in 1912, sending death threats to good players like Smokey Joe Wood.