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President's Applesauce - Castillo arrives at Met camp, Collins limits cards, Koufax + Teufel + Madoff

Meet the Mets

It is Luis Castillo day at Port St. Lucie, as the gimpy second baseman reported to camp a little later than most fans would have liked. Never mind the fact that his brother was undergoing major surgery or the overarching sense of dread that almost all of us have when imagining Castillo at 2B to start the season. We can't let that get in our way of bashing a player. It certainly hasn't gotten in the way of Terry Collins, who is excited to see Castillo compete for the job.

One thing Collins isn't too happy to see, however, is card games going on right before the game. He is instituting a new cut off time for cards.

We can't go a day without a Madoff story, just like we can't go a Spring Training without a Sandy Koufax story. Somehow, this season the two stories have merged with Koufax saying that he feels sorry for Fred Wilpon and doesn't blame him at all for losing his Madoff investment. Also of note from the Madoff scandal: Tim Teufel has been brought in as a defendant in the lawsuit.

Sam Borden reminisces about Jose Reyes and reminds me how exciting he was when he first came up. Sigh.

Chris Wilcox does not like Jerry Manuel on MLB Network.

Adam Rubin has started lobbying the Alderson regime already.

Seeing as today's President's Day and all that, here are the players we should be honoring.

Johan Santana is good and has already earned himself a high spot in Patrick Flood's all-time great Met list.

I know what I want for Christmas next year: A combination of "The Glass Castle" and "Ball Four".

Around MLB

If Jimmy Rollins was on ANY other team in America, no one would care what he had to say. But, since it's the Phillies, here's his prediction on the 2011 season: 100+ wins.

Adam Dunn isn't doing a whole lot to dispel JP's feelings on him.

Omar Vizquel is old, but still a lot younger than this 106 year old Yankee fan who has seen all 27 Yankee World Series wins.

And also a lot younger than Don Zimmer who is back in Ray camp.

Derek Lowe doesn't stay in the strike zone a lot, but it doesn't seem to be bothering him.

The Twins are offering a bobblehead doll to commemorate one of the Braves' worst moments. That makes me slightly happier today.

Jim Edmonds has retired.

And, finally, Joe Pawlikowski has found him: the worst hitter in MLB history.