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Meet Terry Collins Applesauce - Collins is intense, Isringhausen has shot at Met pen, Heyman hates Luis

Meet the Mets

Looks like today is Terry Collins' day in the Spring Training media carousel and there is one word that the PR machine would like to leave you with: fiery. SNY has a post about how intense this guy is. Mike Vaccarro writes that Terry Collins really is the same thing as having Wally Backman as manager, minus that whole World Series ring. Both articles have quotes from players saying he's a great change of pace and a shot in the arm. I wonder who is next on the player profile list.

Apparently, Jason Isringhausen is throwing pretty hard and may have a legit shot at making this team.

Carlos Beltran says he's fully healthy, but just to be sure, the Mets will keep him out for the first week of Spring Training games.

I think Luis Castillo ran over Jon Heyman's dog.

Around MLB

Some good stuff out of Royals camp so far. Jason Kendall overreacts to a softball interview question AND a rookie's truck is stolen out of a restaurant parking lot.

Hank Steinbrenner says that his team was too busy "building mansions" to actually care about winning last season.

Todd Zeile, Brian Wilson, Eddie Murray, and Kenny Lofton walk into Charlie Sheen's house one night...

The Indians have hired the first ever female batting practice pitcher, Justine Siegal.

Jeff Kent was REALLY bad at defense.

And, finally, the Mariners have invited rapper Macklemore to perform his Dave Niehaus rap at Seattle's home opener.