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SEC Fail Applesauce - Pelfrey's consistency, Madoff client included SEC official, K-Rod's option

Meet the Mets

With Mike Pelfrey being the Mets' top starting pitcher to open 2011, it's certainly reasonable for fans to worry about the team's pitching. One thing we should probably realize after looking at Pelfrey's career to date: his reputation for inconsistency is a myth

That being said, I wouldn't be opposed to bringing in a few more arms to provide some insurance in case any of the current folks get injured.

Some news on the Madoff suit from yesterday: trustee Irving Picard alleges that the family of the Securities and Exchange Commission's top lawyer earned $1.5 million from the Madoff scam. If true, that may explain why the SEC was slow to catch on to Madoff.

You can learn more about the Madoff scam and the Mets' role in it by going to Broadway this season and enjoying "Springtime for Bernie."

Here are the players who might make the Mets just because they are out of options.

One thing we can look forward to this season is not having to watch Willie Harris steal a win from the Mets.

The MLBPA is going to be on high alert and will watch the Mets' treatment of Francisco Rodriguez's vesting option very closely.

Section 518 has a great post up about some of the Mets' greatest one-year wonders with a Derek Bell appearance.

And, finally, here is some important history on the Mets' lack of a no-hitter.

Around MLB

Some funny stuff from Phillie camp that we can enjoy for the moment. First, Shane Victorino is not looking forward to being homesick away from his parents. But, also, were apparently supposed to be intimidated by the Phillies' team photos seemingly taken in front of a porno store.

Run differential is crucial and it may actually make a difference how you achieve that differential.

Font nerds rejoice!

This story is too good to be true, but apparently someone left a special present for Dusty Baker towards the end of his Cub manager days.

If that's not embarrassing enough for the Cubs, how about team advertising that spotlights Derek Jeter.

Players who went to arbitration this off-season saw an average 100% increase in their salaries.

Mark Grudzielanek, a one-time potential Met second baseman, has retired.

And, finally, Charlie Sheen is begging for Major League 3 to get made.