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A Quick Chat with Brad Emaus

Click below to listen to a chat with second base contender Brad Emaus. We discussed the competition for second base, his chances, and coming over in the Rule 5 Draft.

Look beyond the break for a transcript of the interview. 


Rob: Here with Brad Emaus. Brad how you doing?

Emaus: Good. How are you?


Rob: Not too bad. Just wanted to ask, how’s camp been going so far?

Emaus: Enjoying it.


Rob: The whole second base competition, obviously its not getting too heated?

Emaus; No, it won’t be heated at all.


Rob: Yeah? You’ve been working with the other guys pretty well?

Emaus: Yeah, it’s your teammates.


Rob: So, how do you like your chances?

Emaus: I have no idea, to tell you the truth. I’m just out there working hard and what happens, happens. You know? I can only control what I can control.


Rob: Now, is this your first big league camp?

Emaus: This is my third.


Rob: How’s the differences between this and maybe the other ones back with the Blue Jays?

Emaus: Not too much difference, you know? Everybody gets their work in. All professionals. They are pretty similar.


Rob: Alright, then obviously you came over here through the rule five. How was that? What was it like when you were picked and what were your feelings?

Emaus: I was excited, man. Happy to come over to the organization and help out.


Rob: That about covers it. Thanks very much.