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Beltran's New Grounds - Beltran selfishly takes easier position, Mets take loan from MLB, RIP Snider

Meet the Mets

Today's applesauce may be a little old, but the news from today is still quite fresh, particularly with the breaking story that Carlos Beltran has accepted a move to right field. All things considered, I'm pleased with the news because it means that I'll probably get to see more of Carlos Beltran playing baseball. But, it's still a sad reminder that I will not get to see him play center field like he once did.

The Mets made big news over the weekend off the field as well. News broke that the team's ownership had some liquidity issues last season and had to borrow $25 million from MLB. Good thing that Fred Wilpon is such good friends with Bud Selig. 

We're not done yet with new owner speculation either. Now that the snow has slowed in Stamford, Bobby Valentine apparently thinks he has the time and money to show some interest.

In terms of actually playing baseball, there was some good news all around. Oliver Perez sucked, which makes his release more likely. There were also some nice performances from the organization's younger prospects.

Even though R.A. Dickey is 36 years old, there are a lot of reasons why he might be a productive member of the Mets for a long time

Met outfielder Willie Harris has gotten off to a hot start on the field, but not so much behind the wheel.

Patrick Flood has reached the top pyramid of the best Mets.

Around MLB

Baseball lost a legend yesterday as Dodger Hall of Famer Duke Snider passed away at the age of 84. Howard Megdal has a great piece on his meeting the nicest of New York's legendary center fielders. Also, he'll be referred to as a Los Angeles Dodger in a lot of stories, but Snider was without a doubt at his best in Brooklyn.

Philly second baseman Chase Utley has tendinitis in his right knee. Utley's injuries are starting to get a little more common and makes you wonder how well he'll age in the coming seasons.

John Ricco and Jayson Werth both hate the Phillies.

Ozzie Guillen's feud with Bobby Jenks has reached the ripping his throat out phase.

Joe Torre is joining MLB's executive team.

The Angels have a 7'1" Dutch pitcher, the tallest non-stunt player in professional baseball history, who likes riding his bike to camp. I kind of want video of that.

And, finally, after plopping down my annual tribute to yesterday, I enjoyed reading this article on the insane blackout rules on the incredible internet service.