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Please Start Playing Applesauce - Met ownership saga continues, Wells preferred over Beltran, Reyes stays for 2011

Meet the Mets

I really wish there was another story to lead off Applesauce this morning, but I'm going to have to stick with the Wilpon/Madoff thing for at least one more day. After watching this Wall Street Journal video explaining the whole thing, the news that settlement talks have broken down between the Wilpons and the Madoff victims' trustee makes a lot more sense. But, all is not lost. There is at least one more way the Wilpons haven't tried that could make some money for this lawsuit.

Apparently, the Angels chose Vernon Wells and his massive contractual obligations over Carlos Beltran. That's not exactly a promising sign about a potential market for the Mets center fielder.

The Mets considered moving Beltran, but they are likely to keep Reyes around for the full year.

Here's a great historical puzzle for you.

Patrick Flood tells us the story of Wayne Garrett, one guy who was unintentionally responsible for some of the Mets' all-time worst trades.

Here's a pretty sweet old video of Jim Caple trying to catch R.A. Dickey's knuckler.

Around MLB

One of the Yankees' all time greatest pitchers, Andy Pettitte, chose retirement over playing for another season in the Bronx. Let's get started on the Hall of Fame debate.

Kenny Williams has finally gotten Lastings Milledge.

If you want some happy news to start your weekend, here's something: the Phillies are thinking of bringing in Gary Matthews Jr.

Michael Lee talks with Red Sox hitting coach Dave Magadan, who seems skeptical of a lot of these new fangled statistics.

Jim Leyritz will be working for the Newark Bears.

A former mascot for the Wilkes-Barre Yankees is suing the organization for violating worker protection laws. According to the Pennsylvania precedent set in Phanatic v. Phillies, he will need to take the stand in costume. 

Will the Giants consider trading the already legendary Brian Wilson?

Alex Remington worries for the future of the Grapefuit League.

And, finally, Tony Batista had the worst 30 home run season of all time.