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The Amazin' Avenue Annual Is Available For Pre-Order

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Buy it. Now.
Buy it. Now.

Though it's still nearly four weeks until the official release, the Amazin' Avenue Annual is now available for pre-order through the ACTA Sports website! *trumpet sounds* Since ACTA will probably have it a few days before Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc., if you order now you'll be guaranteed to be among the first to get your hands on the book.

The price is $19.95 through ACTA. If you want to wait it out and order from Amazon instead you'll probably save a few bucks, but we actually get a much bigger royalty if you buy straight from ACTA. Here's why:

  • If the retail price of the book is $20, we sell that book to Amazon for $10 and they turn around and list it for somewhere between those two numbers, probably $16 or $17 (Update: It's $13.57). We therefore have $10 with which to pay ACTA's cut, keeping the rest for ourselves.
  • That same $20 book sold through ACTA—for $20, $6 more than at Amazon—means we actually get $20 to divide between ourselves and ACTA. It's a big difference to us, small difference for you.

Here's that info in table form:

Price We Get
ACTA $19.95 $19.95
Amazon $13.57 $10.00

Having said that, we certainly can't fault anyone for wanting to save a little money. However, if you have a few bucks to spare, we would greatly appreciate if you could order the book from ACTA instead of a retail bookseller.

Update: The book is now available for pre-order from Amazon for $13.57. If you use this referral link we get a couple extra bucks.

Update #2: The book is also available for pre-order from Barnes & Noble.

Update #3: The book will be available for the Kindle, iPad, and Nook, you just can't pre-order it yet. Stay tuned!.