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Defaced Applesauce - Wilpons want to forget recent past, Cuban interest in Mets, Terry won't name captain

Meet the Mets

I think everyone's worst fears involving the Met ownership's penury is that it starts affecting the team's on-field performance. David Wright hinted that this whole thing is going to be at least a minor distraction until its resolution. The good news is that the Mets have a general manager who is the consummate professional and has given every indication that he'll keep this thing afloat.

The Wilpons, "excellent stewards of the game", have had a very tough time avoiding financial scandal in the last couple years.

But, in more optimistic news, Mark Cuban has been approached by at least one investment group regarding their bids for part ownership of the Mets.

I'm still rooting for the DirecTV "Opulence Guy".

Terry Collins does not foresee naming a team captain in 2011.

No team captain, but there is a new conditioning coach.

Let's enter the way back machine and look at some Met history. Here's Patrick Flood talking about Lee Mazzilli's outfield prowess. Here's Not Just a Mets Blog writing about how bad the 2006-2008 Mets were besides Reyes, Wright, Beltran, and Santana. Matt Kaufman is writing about the rise and fall of John Maine

Around MLB

Yesterday was a day for bad things to happen to baseball legends. A vandal added his own touch to a statute of Harry Caray outside Wrigley Field. Additionally, Lou Gehrig's body may be metaphorically dug up as a Minnesota state legislator is looking to examine his Mayo Clinic medical records to determine the possible connection between concussions and ALS symptoms.

A couple of Hall of Fame links to throw at you. There are going to be a lot of quality names on the 2016 ballot. Having that much quality is a good thing, but there's going to be a problem with how to choose among them.

Michael Young is ANGRY.

Eric Chavez could have been Derek Jeter.