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Christina Aguilera Offered National Anthem Gig With Brooklyn Cyclones

This is big news, people. In the wake of her now-famous flubbing of the National Anthem before the Super Bowl on Sunday, the Brooklyn Cyclones have invited Christina Aguilera to give it another go this summer before a Cyclones game at MCU Park.

"We’ve all made mistakes," said Cyclones General Manager Steve Cohen. "But when most of us make mistakes, it’s not in front of 100 million people watching in every corner of the world. When a player makes a mistake, they usually don’t get a shot at redemption, but with a singer, that’s a different story."

Was it really as bad as they say? I didn't see the performance on Sunday and I've been reluctant to view it after the fact, mainly because personal embarrassment of that sort triggers an empathic response that makes me feel worse than had I not seen it at all. There seem to be numberless hordes who feel otherwise since internet video of the unfortunate gaffe has been viewed millions of times.