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Starting Speculation Applesauce - Met second base job wide open, Wright's big talk, Rays' owner speculation

Meet the Mets

With Spring Training around the corner, I got excited to start reading articles about the expected position battles in Port St. Lucie. The second base job is probably the most wide open with at least four candidates to take the reigns. One of those guys, Daniel Murphy, is still recovering from a severe knee injury and will wear a brace for the entire season. Ed Ryan speculates about what that means for his chances.

If you'd like some optimism to get your morning going, here's one Phillie fan who says that the Mets COULD actually be a decent team this year.

Or, how about this story to make you even happier: speculation about a potential Stuart Sternberg bid to purchase the Mets.

David Wright is talking big.

With Michael Young on the trading block, Joe Janish asks if it would be worth it for the Mets to take on that enormous contract.

Bill Petti teases us with what might have been with Doc Gooden.

Joe DeMayo tells us what we probably have to look forward to following in Binghamton this year.

Around MLB

FanGraph's Maury Brown argues that the NFL should take a labor negotiating lesson from MLB. Kind of weird to wrap my mind around that one.

Bengie Molina is still a free agent and there is NO speculation about the Mets. It has been a good offseason, hasn't it?

Reds announcer Marty Brennaman had a gaffe.

Will McDonald pretty much nails Jeff Francoeur's leadership style.

Barry Bonds has the lowest single rate of anyone in baseball history.

And, finally, Wake Forest's baseball coach Tom Walter went to bat for one of his players in a big, life-saving type of way.