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Keep it Posi: Best Announcers, Non-Mets Division

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I'm sure you'll agree there's enough negativity surrounding the Mets. Not that some (or even most) is undeserved, but this is just baseball we're talking about, right? It's supposed to be fun! So let's think positive for once. Just like this guy.

In the spirit of spring training and for the benefit of my mental well-being, I am going to make an effort to think good thoughts, both about the Mets and the sport in general.

I've griped about terrible baseball announcers on this site and elsewhere plenty of times, and there's no shortage of bad ones to choose from. Then again, as Mets fans, we're all spoiled by having the best TV crew in the whole sport to listen to for 162 games a year. Plus, on the radio side, we get Howie Rose, who's among the best at what he does. And Wayne Hagin, who...well, I'm sure Wayne is very nice man.

Let's not dwell on the bad guys. Let us celebrate the good ones. Of all the non-Mets announcers, which ones do you enjoy the most? I won't dictate what constitutes enjoyment, so if you genuinely like to listen to the antics of, say, John Sterling or Hawk Harrelson, that is your prerogative. Ideally, though, we're looking for announcers who bring a lot of knowledge to the table and are a genuine treat to listen to.

I have a few candidates, but I'd rather hear what readers have to say first. Who are the best non-Mets announcers? Comment away with your submissions, plus reasons why these guys are awesome. We'll present the most beloved candidates up for a vote next week.