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Castillo Rises Applesauce - Mets beat Astros behind Castillo, Thole, Kirk, Wright > A-Rod

Meet the Mets

Reports of Luis Castillo's demise may have been premature. The gimpy second baseman continued to outplay his competitors yesterday as the Mets beat Houston 7-2. The removal of Oliver Perez from our collective consciousness, however, continues to take awhile as he has been removed from contention for a starting pitching spot, but remains in competition for a bullpen slot. Other happy news from yesterday: Captain Kirk hit a homer.

Looks like we're not quite done with the Charlie Samuels gambling story yet.

Rick Peterson spoke with Ed Randall last weekend and took a remarkably reasonable approach to the 2007 collapse.

Jon Matlack was really good during a time when the Mets weren't.

Ted Berg thinks that the New York Post sports section is guilty of fearmongering its Met fan readers.

Guess who one statistic ranks as the best third baseman in MLB since 2006.

Around MLB

Some news from Phillie camp regarding and it's not looking good for Chase Utley. On an unrelated Philadelphia note, Bill Baer writes that the Phillies could target Mike Cameron to address their hole in the outfield and balance the lineup a bit against left handers.

Putting aside his hilarious mugshot, it's pretty hard to sympathize with Miguel Cabrera, especially when you read these details of his latest arrest.

A scary moment yesterday for the Braves as Single A manager Luis Salazar was airlifted to the hospital after getting hit in the head by a Brian McCann foul ball

If you're in Florida right now and see a classic Camaro being driven around, it could be the one stolen from Evan Longoria.

And, finally, apparently we've all been spelling Kendrys Morales name incorrectly.