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Duda's Chance Applesauce - Beltran's injury leaves right open, Mets split pair, Sherman packing Wright's bags

Meet the Mets

With Carlos Beltran continuing to be gimpy and unable to play, there is a big opportunity for one of the Met farmhands to start on Opening Day. Fernando Martinez continued his strong Spring play in yesterday's 9-4 win over Florida. Lucas Duda who has a more polished approach at the plate, but not as much right field experience, blasted his second homer in the team's split-squad loss to Washington.

Joel Sherman has decided to double down on his fire sale story by writing a column about how much David Wright wants to stay with the Mets.

Oliver Perez seems to think that he will be wanted by another team when he gets cut by the Mets.

Paul DePodesta spoke with Patrick Flood about his talent evaluation philosophy and its role in developing the Met farm system.

Jose Reyes seems a little peeved that he is always working with a different double play partner

Ed Ryan suggests the Mets extend K-Rod on more favorable terms so that they don't have to deal with the looming vesting option of doom.

The conventional wisdom was always that knuckleballers were fly ball pitchers. Well, R.A. Dickey's fast knuckleball has turned that around somewhat.

Around MLB

Roy Halladay decided to celebrate his manager's new-found wealth by throwing 6 innings of shutout baseball against the Yankees.

Yogi Berra took a tumble in the Yankee clubhouse yesterday, but says he's feeling fine.

Italian-born Alex Liddi hit his second grand slam in as many days for the Mariners while looking to become MLB's 7th native Italian. Special props to the Seattle Times headline writer.

Brandon Webb threw against real hitters yesterday and manager Ron Washington was not impressed.

MLB's Basic Agreement has been a major success in terms of profit.

And, finally, nice work by the Batting Stance Guy, who has decided to start spoofing Ken Burns' Baseball.