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Mets Make First Spring Training Cuts, Oliver Perez Not Among Them

The Mets have made their first roster cuts of spring training, assigning a bunch of players to minor league camp:

Ruben Tejada, SS
Josh Stinson, RHP
Tobi Stoner, RHP
Manny Alvarez, RHP
John Lujan, RHP
Armando Rodriguez, RHP
Zach Lutz, 3B
Jordany Valdespin, IF
Fernando Martinez, OF
Kirk Nieuwenhuis, OF
Kai Gronauer, C

There are no real surprises here, though I suppose the one bit of interesting information to be gleaned is the fact that despite his strong start to the season, Fernando Martinez has clearly fallen behind Lucas Duda as far as the righty field understudy role is concerned.

Comment starter: By what date do you expect Fernando Martinez to land on the disabled list?

Below are the spring stats for each of these players: (click to embiggen)


*Tobi Stoner did not appear in any spring training games